• Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages

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    Daily Whisper

    They are designed to help women accept and love who they are no matter what conditions or problems they face in their lives. 30 daily whispers to spark and reclaim your inner light. They include:

    "I am releasing the need to have everything perfect at all times."

    "My heart overflows with gratitude as I take inventory of my life's assets."

    "It is okay to say no sometimes. People will still like me."

    "I forgive myself for my past mistakes. I learn from them and move on."

    "I release my negative beliefs and perceptions. I keep my mind open and accepting for new life experiences."

    "I take time to think about my life, my future and the things that make me happy."

    "I am a sexual being, and I take time to love and be loved."

    "The world is full of opportunity and riches that come to me effortlessly."

    Whisper cards are for adult women. They are printed the size of a business card (2" x 31/2") with full colour on both sides. 

    Beautiful watercolour designs all the way from California, the United States by Barbara Lemke